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December 15 2008

Farewell Pownce, I enjoyed the time. Catch me over at http://twitter.com/mbazzoni

December 09 2008

Michael's Soup

Just converted my Pownce account over to Soup. Seems like many are doing it, pretty cool site so far.

November 13 2008


I've been checking out Obamamerica.blogspot.com

August 30 2008

Bad Comcast week. 3 calls to them to determine the DVR box needs replacement. I could have told them that 3 days ago. Now I have to wait until Wednesday for a new box to get my DVR, On Demand and Interactive TV Guide back. The only way to tell what is on is to go to TVguide.com. This stinks.

May 30 2008

Do you feel that you got scammed by Karon Shay Model Management and John Wood

Haven't posted about this in a while, but it is getting good. The Renegade Blogger is really kicking up some dust on a Talent Agency called Karon Shea Model Management in Worcester, MA.

May 16 2008

Updated my wife's website, if you need a Compensation Consultant, check out the site http://bazzoni.net/lisa

May 15 2008

Did a website for my wife, if you need a Compensation Consultant, check out her site. http://bazzoni.net/lisa

April 13 2008


Checking out the new MacHeist bundle. Here is a referral link if you are interested: http://tinyurl.com/3qxjfy

April 06 2008

Another great weather day! Taking Matthew to Wis for his first time for his cousin's bday party.

January 21 2008


MacHeist II is even better now and there are only three days left!

January 14 2008

MacHeist has a great Mac software deal again this year - https://www.macheist.com/buy/invite/5795

December 15 2007

Welcoming Matthew Lawrence Bazzoni to the world! http://www.bazzoni.net

November 20 2007


Free 34 song album on iTunes

November 14 2007

Missed Pownce last night, but I like the visual changes I am seeing this morning. Anyone know if there was something more to the Pownce outage last night?

November 07 2007

Get Invitation

Still have a ton of Moola.com invites if anyone wants

October 31 2007

Bazzoni Blog

Updating Leopard and BootCamp Beware

Bazzoni Blog

Leopard spotted at Deer Park Apple store

October 26 2007

Just got Leopard dropped on my desk! Loading....will post an update once it is complete.

October 13 2007

Cover art for In Rainbows / journal / hicksdesign

Just downloaded Radiohead "In Rainbows" gave them 8 euros, got no cover art, which surprised me. So I did some searching and found a really cool site with tons of people making cool album art. So, if you downloaded the album and are bummed with no art, check out this site.

October 02 2007


"In need of a digital reset"
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